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Potter 'INDESCRIBABLE, CRAZY PAIN': Surviving dengue feverBy Amanda Gardner, Health.com • July 22, 2010
"I thought I had the flu, but it was a heavier kind of flu," says Potter, 34, who had been flying home to Rochester, New York, after a weeklong vacation in Key West. "I was achy. I had a headache. I was kind of disoriented."
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What About It DENGUE FEVER? WHAT ABOUT IT, KEY WEST SAYSBy Denise Grady and Catharine Skipp • July 23, 2010
Without a doubt, there is dengue in Key West, though at 27 known cases last year and 18 so far this year, it is hardly what most people would call an epidemic. But those cases are the first outbreak in Florida since 1934, and some medical experts fear that the disease, once rampant on the Eastern Seaboard, could take hold again. Read more…
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