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The Dengue Relief Foundation is committed to developing and supporting innovative methodologies that aim to reduce the burden of disease as it pertains to Dengue Fever in the developing World. The DRF strives to enhance educational forms of disease control such that afflicted populations are well informed as to the means by which Dengue is transmitted as well as instructed in techniques to improve preventative surveillance. It has been demonstrated by many international organizations that preventative medicine in the form of disease education has proven to be an extremely effective method of Dengue control.

The DRF health professional fellowship in conjunction with multiple technology initiatives will spearhead the future of dengue control efforts.

The DRF is currently working in Nicaragua to improve the current endemic disease status of Dengue. Future endeavors include projects which may allow expansion into Mexico.

As the DRF looks to the future we are dedicated to improving educational as well as health information technology efforts as a means to control the spread of dengue in the developing world. Furthermore, the enhanced educational opportunities for our health professionals on front line at home in the United States can significantly reduce the burden of disease for rare yet gradually more prevalent infectious disease entities as we move to a more globally connected world.

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