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The Dengue Relief Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized is for international economic relief in the area of infectious diseases. The directed effort of this corporation concerns itself specifically with the study and prevention of Dengue in Latin America. The primary goals of the corporation can be further divided into two subsets both educational and economic relief.

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The mission of the DRF consists of three aspects: To provide economic relief of dengue in Latin America, to assist education and research efforts to eradicate dengue, and to encourage educational and outreach efforts for current and future physicians.


The DRF hopes to establish steady funding from donors for dengue relief throughout Latin America. We also hope to organize yearly donor/student trips to Nicaragua and Latin America to learn about the problems of dengue and current efforts to eradicate this disease.


The goals of the DRF include the establishment of close relationships between local universities and the Ministry of Public Health of Nicaragua (MINSA) for future research and collaborative efforts. We also hope to increase the cultural competency of physicians and students towards international and local infectious diseases that are encountered in the minority communities of California, including: Dengue, Leishmania, Chagas disease, Giardia, Malaria, and TB.
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